Video Book Co-Founders Visit Pensacola Headquarters from Australia

Video Book Co-Founders Visit Pensacola Headquarters from Australia

In the midst of a scorching summer, our Co-Founders made an expedition from wintery Melbourne, Australia to sizzling Pensacola, Florida with an exciting purpose: crucial meetings and forging innovative connections. From a pivotal rendezvous with publishing partners concerning Video Brochures to a dynamic Business Networking International event in Clearwater, Florida we not only identified a capable sales leader but also made plans for our expansion across the Southeast.
Our interactions spanned from pitching to Berkshire Hathaway to strategizing with the Clearwater Marketing Alliance, sparking an intensified surge of innovation. In discussions with IHMC, we explored the potential of video books to inspire contributions, while local engagements and events expanded our sphere of influence. From meetings with IES to our collaboration with Duh and IdGroup’s shared creativity, our newest video and print technologies seamed to inspire creativity everywhere.
Amidst the whirlwind of activities, we peeled away to moments of tranquility at Family Orchards Farm and Pensacola Beach. Culinary delights, cultural immersions, and encounters with southern grandeur certainly enriched our experience.

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